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John 17:4
"I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do."


"Whenever I take my business card out people automatically say, "Wow I'm impressed." I say no it wasn't me, but Genesis Media. They tell me they know who they need to go to when they need work done. Since my business cards have been redesigned by Genesis Media my business growth has gone up 300%. My business card is Integrity Computer Repair."- Jeremiah S.

"I never did a PowerPoint presentation before. But you helped me see my way through it in a timely fashion. When it was time for the presentation the Company was extremely impressed. Thanks for all your work. I would refer anyone to seek your help!!"- Anthony T.

"Thanks the flyer is perfect, as always. Thanks again!!!!- Alva T.

"You definitely made my book successful. The whole design and layout was perfect. Better than I pictured. Thank you so much! Awesome work!" Kelli R.

"Looks great. Thanks a million. Next going to send you the one for the church resource seminar."- Tony H.

"Thank you so much Its perfect"- Erica P.

"I received the final draft just now. It looks great! Thank you again, for stepping in when my Administrative/Secretary was unavailable. U R A Blessing."- Alfred C.

"We love the Flyer Donnie. Thank You So very much." Darrel C.

"The Art work came out great! I LOVE IT! We can use that for something else in the future. Awesome! You have serious skills!"- Dennis T.